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Kelly Brooks Chief Executive Officer

Kelly joined Property Masters Inc., an asset renovations company, straight out of college. Kelly started in the mortgage industry in 2005 and has worked hard to become the first Vice President in 2010, COO in 2013, and finally, the CEO in 2016. When she started at Property Masters, the company served the Metro Atlanta area with three employees. Brooks helped shape the company into a 150-employee company covering 22 states. She has overseen all critical intersections that have led to growth and expansion of this company.

Kelly’s commitment to excellence has forged the way for Property Masters to be recognized as the lead vendor in the mortgage and housing industry. Not only has Brooks proven herself a savvy business professional, but she has also worked hard to earn the respect of her male counterparts who watched with skepticism as she took on a leadership role at Property Masters. Brooks looks forward to transforming the general distrust millennials harbor for the mortgage industry and attracting young talent to the aging industry.

Chief Executive Officer

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