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Licensed plumbers can address any plumbing issue, large or small, from a leaking faucet to a broken water main line. We are fast and reliable, and we work with the local county or city governing body to obtain all needed permits and repair all issues according to code.

Pest Services

Property Masters treats all infestations including pesky pests, rodents, carpenter ants, and powder post beetles. Our comprehensive termite removal service is fast and efficient and a clean termite letter can be provided upon request.

Dumpster on Site

Property Masters can arrange to have a dumpster on site for work in progress on a property.  After the dumpster is filled with non-hazardous materials one of licensed professionals will pick it up and deliver it to the proper disposal.

Full Cleaning

We will provide a complete cleaning of any property upon our initial visit making sure we document the cleanings with before and after photos. Our initial cleaning will consist of the following.

  • Wiping all cabinetry clean of grease, mold, or dust.
  • Clean all windows fans and light fixtures
  • Clean all windows countertops and appliances thoroughly.
  • All baseboards are cleaned and cobwebs are removed from top to bottom.
  • We will also remove all debris from the property itself (trash-out)


We will vacuum, steam clean, and deodorize all carpets including the edges and hard to get places. We also professionally stretch carpet where necessary to rejuvenate it. Property Masters can get the carpets in your properties looking much better with our professional carpet cleaning services. Please contact us for more information on having the carpets cleaned in your properties.

Hail Damage Inspection

Was there a hail storm near one of your properties? Order an inspection here to see if there is hail damage to your properties.  Many times hail storms can damage hundreds or even thousands of roofs in a particular area.  If you are a property manger in need of hail damage inspection we have the roofing professionals that can provide you with an estimate.  Storms such as hurricanes and hail storms are considered an "act of god" and many times are covered by insurance companies.  We can provide you with an estimate to submit to your insurance provider.

Handyman Services

We can provide an estimate for any repairs necessary to improve the marketability or resolve inspection issues prior to close.  Our handyman service can handle any job from small plumbing issues to drywall repair.  If you have minor issues that need to be cleared up on your property, our handyman service is right for you.


Interior Paint

Interior paint includes painting all walls, ceilings, doors, trim, garage, garage floor, and basement per approved bid.  We guarantee high quality results that will increase the value and desirability of the home. We provide our interior painting services in all of our locations throughout the Southeast.

Exterior Paint

Exterior Paint can be done with exceptionally fast turnaround times.  We guarantee the quality of our work on all external paint jobs. Having the exterior of a home painted can increase the curb appeal of a home which is often necessary to get interested buyers into the home.


Any and all electrical work can be completed to ensure a home meets code or to repair non-functioning appliances. We can finish any electrical problem your properties may be experiencing quickly and efficiently.

Indoor and Outdoor Carpentry

Our professional carpentry staff can take care of any carpentry work needed to get the home into marketable condition quickly and efficiently. From countertops and cabinetry to rebuilding decks, Property Masters RES can handle any job.

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