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Lawn Maintenance

Full service lawn maintenance will be performed including mow, rake, weed, blow, and edge. We will also install pine straw where necessary. Additional landscaping can be provided by our professional lawn maintenance crews. Please visit our lawn maintenance division for more information regarding our lawn care services for your properties.


Property Masters will winterize the property by putting gas, water, and electricity in hibernation mode. De-winterization is also available. Accounts must be established with the local vendor in order for the services to be performed.

Eviction Crew

When the eviction attorney has a lockout date, Property Masters will be there to execute the deputy’s instructions. Property Masters will re-key the property, move any personal property to the curb under the deputy’s supervision, and take pictures of the interior and exterior. Per the sheriff’s office, Property Masters will have 6-7 people present to execute the writ of possession. We can coordinate directly with your attorney handling your eviction.

Code Enforcement

Property Masters will obtain a list of what needs to be corrected to avoid fines and sanctions from a local city or county governing body. If necessary, Property Masters will provide an estimate to the property owner to correct any code violations.


We provide re-keys to existing locks to ensure the security of the property and cut down on the cost of replacing the locks at the residence.  If necessary we can change damaged or broken locks on the property.  It is a good re-keypractice to change the locks between tenants to secure the incoming tenant.  Not only should protecting your tenant be high on your property management priorities, but you may be questioned what you did to protect your tenant.  If you are interested in having a property re-keyed please contact Property Masters Real Estate Services for more information.

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